Teem Osborn is a lifelong, self-taught, mixed media artist who has only taken his work seriously the last few years. His unique and quirky style is simple, naïve and embraces the Expressive Arts principles. Teem uses tempera paint, recycled paper, pictures and found objects in his creations. His breakthrough as an artist came with his many uses of masking tape which he recycles from the trash. Teem creates sculptures of animals, figures, creative oddities and also covers countless items with his painted masking tape. Viewing life through the artist’s lens, Teem is greatly influenced by current events, popular culture, and other artists. He believes the process of creating art, and the emotions it unleashes, forms a connection with the viewer. Teem hopes to transmit his smile, laughter and ironic perspective of life through his art and, that for a moment, you will feel his joy and utter amazement that he is finally artist.